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VeriSym® Optical Inspection Systems

VeriSym® optical inspection systems are designed to verify softgel capsules and tablets by color, size and shape and remove defects and foreign doses from the product stream.


Available in a range of capacities to fit your production volume – from rates of 200,000 up to 1,000,000 capsules or tablets per hour.


Explore the members of the VeriSym® family:



VeriSym® SL

VeriSym® SE





The original, high-capacity automated inspection system from SYMETIX®, VeriSym® is the 1,000,000 capsule-per-hour flagship for end-of-line verification of solid dose pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.


  • Detect, remove and record foreigners and defects
  • Two cameras above and below product stream for instantaneous detection and ejection of defects or unconfirmed objects
  • Payback in as little as one year
  • Rapid clear and clean; 45-minute changeover
  • Compact footprint, including vibratory infeed

VeriSym® SL


This mid-volume, single-lane optical inspection system embodies all the capabilities of the original, full-size VeriSym® with half the maximum capacity:


  • Verifies up to 500,000 solid doses per hour
  • Ideal for smaller manufacturers and contract packers of OTC and regulated capsules or tablets
  • One camera above and below product stream for instantaneous detection, analysis and ejection of defective product or unconfirmed objects
  • Modular design – can be upgraded in the field to full capacity as production volumes increase

 VeriSym® SE


The smallest member of the VeriSym® family, designed to verify softgels in batch mode or continuously in-line after a single encapsulator:


  • Verifies up to 200,000 solid doses per hour
  • Inspects oval, round and oblong softgels ranging in size from #2 to #40
  • Also detects foreign, broken, stained tablets and those with missing coating
  • Less than 12-month payback, based on labor savings alone
  • Changeover in less than 10 minutes




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